Ethereal Are:


ETHEREAL was formed in 2013 by guitarists Iyaan and M-Inanz, after years spent honing their craft around the UK’s underground extreme metal circuit.

The band recruited Naut, Volf and Mordrath on Vocals, Bass and Drums respectively and immediately began making a big impression around the UKs black metal scene with their grandiose music, striking image and savage live performances.


After a successful UK tour supporting Gorgoroth and Vital Remains, the band signed to Candlelight Records in 2014, and immediately set about recording their debut album. Mixed by the world reknowned Wieclawski brothers at Hertz Studios (PL) ”Opus Aethereum” was released in January 2015, along with a video for the song “Unholy Ungodly”. The album was acclaimed by both critics and fans alike for its combination of savage brutality and symphonic grandeur.


The band completed another UK tour supporting Marduk and Belphegor at the time of release, as well as some shows supporting 1349, helping cement Ethereals reputation as a must-see live entity on the UK circuit.


Following the success of there debut, Ethereal set about making a name for themselves on the international circuit. The bands first international appearance was at Dark Fest 2015 in Poland alongside legendary extreme acts such as Vader, Decapitated and Hate. The performance was a great success and the band were invited back by the organisers to Wroclaw that same summer for a longer performance.


Enthused by this response from overseas audiences, Ethereal embarked on a 17 date European tour with Belphegor, Vital Remains and Hate. Spanning nine countries, Ethereal made its impression upon audiences across the continent with there impassioned live performances, holding there own among some of the best in the genre today.


The band also went on to perform at some of the UKs most famous extreme metal festivals, including Bloodstock, Incineration Festival and Mammothfest. As well as building a name for themselves through extensive touring and unforgettable live performances, Ethereal has also been completing work on their as yet untitled second album, which promises to build on the strength of the bands earlier work as well as showcase a new dark energy for Ethereal.


Having road tested a selection of new songs on a co-headline run with Nordjevel through the UK and Norway, Ethereal is entering the studio this autumn to record what is set to be there strongest material to date, and one of the most highly anticipated albums In British black metal.